We practice manufacturing that looks beyond the customer on a daily basis.

After being delivered to our customers, the parts we manufacture go through various processes to become a single product, which is then delivered to the final user.
We listen carefully to the details of our customers' requests and make precise proposals that meet their needs based on our accumulated technology, experience, and the latest information.

About Nissin


Ultra-precision injection molding is one of Nissin Kasei's greatest strengths.
Our technicians, who have passed a technical skills test, are constantly striving to improve their skills to achieve the quality required by our customers, including the selection of optimal conditions derived from the characteristics of various resins and fine-tuning to account for slight dimensional changes caused by daily temperature and humidity differences.
In addition to PVC, PA, PC, PP, ABS, PE, PMMA, PES, TPEE, and PBT, we can also handle a wide range of next-generation resins such as bioplastics and biodegradable plastics.

Elaborate molding technology

Quality Control System

Medical devices are used to protect precious lives, and you and your family may use them.
Always with this in mind, we carefully inspect each and every part.
In addition to the full visual inspection conducted in our inspection room, we conduct intermediate inspections three times a day during daily mass production molding.
During the intermediate inspections, strict quality checks are performed on appearance, confirmation of materials used, product weight, and dimensional measurements.
This allows us to take prompt and appropriate action without passing defective products to the next process.

Skilled inspection technology
Please contact us first for any questions.

Our sales representatives, who are well versed in injection molding, are close to our customers from the planning and development stages, providing detailed advice from the perspective of a molding engineer.
In addition to mold manufacturing, prototyping, and mass production, our appointed designers can provide comprehensive services including design, mold design, resin selection consultation, flow analysis, machining, assembly, printing, and coating.
As a member of the Fuji Gosei Group, we can also handle a wide range of plastic products other than medical device parts, large products, molds transferred from other companies, multiple types of products, large and small lots, and more.
We are easily accessible from central Tokyo, central Kanagawa, and the Kansai region. Please feel free to visit our office to witness prototyping or to check the start of mass production.

Flexible response and Good access